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South Korean protesters Ruin portraits of U.S. ambassador

Protesters angry over American needs which South Korea cover more for protection ruined portraits of their U.S. ambassador stuck on cubes of tofu beyond the American embassy Friday after authorities warned them against filming a much more competitive protest.

U.S. Ambassador Harry Harris has become a political lightning rod for South Koreans angered by President Donald Trump’s drive for South Korea to spend tens of thousands of dollars toward preserving the 28,500 American troops stationed there.

We aren’t a U.S. colony! We aren’t an ATM”

The left-leaning protesters from many youth groups cheered as two pupils smashed up cubes of kale and acorn jelly adorned with newspaper portraits of Harris.

Longtime allies, the USA and South Korea are in dispute on how much each should cover the U.S. troops in South Korea. Trump has required Seoul cover up to $4 billion a year, according to South Korean officials, along with a fresh round of discussions is scheduled in Seoul next week.

South Korea now contributes roughly $900 million to the maintenance of U.S. troops from the nation.

“How can it be possible to get a tenant to request a five-fold increase in lease from its landlord” Kwon Oh-min, a Youth Party representative, stated outside the U.S. embassy on Friday.

South Korea has the third-largest existence of U.S. troops located abroad following Japan and German.

In October, dozens of innovative university students climbed on the grounds of the ambassador’s house in protest against the U.S. existence in the nation, sparking calls against the embassy for greater police protection.

Another gathering of innovative classes is planned for Saturday beyond the U.S. embassy to urge Washington to withdraw its petition for defense cost-sharing rises before another round of the Special Measures Agreement (SMA) talks weekly.

Seoul authorities told Reuters they’d cautioned Friday’s protesters to not bring hazardous substances or propaganda which may be construed as defamatory or insulting and that they intended to”limit the protests should they cross the line”.

The bands had originally planned to behead an effigy of Harris but scaled back their presentation to beating the cubes of traditional Korean meals following the authorities caution.

Across the road in the U.S. embassy, a rival gathering of conservative, pro-Washington protesters struck folks wearing the masks of North Korean chief Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in with toy hammers.