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Spain Retains arts Places open despite coronavirus lockdown Around Europe

When many nations in Europe are maintaining arts venues closed because of Covid-19, Spain is doing its very best to ensure people can go to art galleries.

Back in Madrid, surrealist works from musicians such as Salvador Dali, Man Ray, and Gaudi have gone on display in an exhibition in the Caixaforum.

It intends to reveal how surrealists of the 20th century continue to be applicable now.

“It is not a jacket hanger, it resembles a cactus, but they believe it is possible to hang your jacket, then they even made this mini of the jacket hanger,” clarified Kries, holding up a display by Italian artists Studio65. “So, what’s typical and fascinating about this is that there’s an aggravation between the picture of an object as well as the purpose. It resembles a cactus but it’s a purpose which you need to find while using it. So, there’s the element of shock and aggravation.”

Kries is one of many who ago the significance of art in helping individuals enhance their mental health in this period.

“We’re confronted with anxiety and with frustration,” he clarified. “Culture generally and this exhibition brings us out for a little while with that world and it might permit us to recuperate, to recuperate emotionally, to find another planet.”

For the organizers, it is important that individuals may access artwork even in the center of a pandemic.

“I am aware that there are countries which have closed temples while shopping centers are available,” clarified the Caixa Bank Foundation’s Exhibition Director Isabel Salgado. “Here at Caixaforum, we’re devoted to culture. Culture forms our creativity, it clarifies ourselves. Therefore we’re open, maintaining the safe space, all hygiene steps, and we have experts on hand who help to make it a rewarding trip for individuals.”

To help ensure the security of traffic Caixaforum has decreased the capacity and amount of visits by providing special time slots for entrance and masks should be worn.