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Spain warns Older to Stay from grandchildren since COVID-19 cases soar

Madrid police have advised that the elderly to prevent contact with kids as the nation fights the spread of this deadly coronavirus.

Fernando Simón, manager of the Center for Health Immunology and Immunology, stated that although very few of these infected with the virus were kids,” they’re those that disperse it .”

Simon cautioned against mixing between kids and the older since Madrid declared the closures of schools, nurseries and universities before March 26.

Spanish government confirmed 487 new instances of COVID-19 on Wednesday bringing the whole amount to 2,182.

But in a state where just 4 percent of the populace work out of home, lots of working parents rely on grandparents to look after their kids.

By some 2018 study, cited by AFP, one in four grandparents is responsible for the everyday care of the grandchildren while parents work, such as picking up kids from school or preparing foods.

Together with the closure of schools and nurseries, this part of health care can result in longer days.

“At college, they stated that relatives should look after kids, particularly grandparents. (The government) states that a lot of folks may telework from home, but in fact, not many could take action,” Emilio Salvador, a resident of 67 years at Madrid, that might need to look after his grandson Jorge for fourteen days.

“To be truthful, it’s bad news since it’s a burden that’s added to my everyday life,” admits Paloma Alonso, 72, that might need to look after her five and seven-year old grandma.

“I like my grandchildren however I do not like to look after the everyday routine.