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Spain Will lose its Largest glacier in Only 20 Decades

This is the speed of global warming that scientists forecast the Lost Mountain glacier in northern Spain will evaporate entirely within twenty decades.

For those scientists in the Pyrenean Institute of Ecology that are tracking it, Monte Perdido’s glacier is diminishing scarily fast.

“Five years ago we added these sticks 10 meters, so we had been standing at 10 meters over the height we are now,” said the magician’s Ignacio Lopez Moreno since he stood on the top of this glacier.

“Most likely, this glacier in roughly 20 years will be a kind of ice,” Moreno said.

“It will have a larger accumulation of snow on top, but it’ll be hard to state it is a glacier. Here is the potential of nearly all of the glaciers that stay from the Pyrenees.”

Glaciers cover ten percent of the planet’s surface and they are also the largest reservoirs of freshwater in the world.

But because people rarely live close to them, their disappearance is mostly going unnoticed.