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Spain will open Boundaries to foreign tourists in July in phasing from coronavirus Constraints

Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez declared that overseas tourists will be permitted to enter the country beginning in July.

It came as welcome news because of his nation’s battered tourism sector that makes up 12 percent of Spain’s GDP.

“Australian tourists can consequently now plan their vacations,” Sanchez explained.

The Spanish soccer league will even resume business, beginning behind closed doors out of June 8. In July it could open to people if circumstances permit.

Meanwhile, the far-right demonstrators that support the Vox celebration took to the streets of Madrid to protest lockdown restrictions.

Several million people gathered Saturday in their cars and on motorbikes from the town center.

“I am here to ask this administration to finish it as they’re leading us to destroy. As a worker I believe they’re managing things quite poorly. Sanchez goes home,” one demonstrator said.

It comes following Spain’s parliament enabled Sanchez to expand the state of emergency by 14 days, giving him the ability to limit people’s moves.

Spain has been greatly affected by the coronavirus pandemic with over 28,000 supported deaths and almost 282,000 cases.