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Spain’s King Felipe VI renounces inheritance of father between financial scandal

The Spanish royal house has stated that King Felipe VI has renounced any prospective private inheritance that he could get from his father, King Emerit Juan Carlos I, more than the alleged financial irregularities between the former monarch.

The imperial house said in a statement that along with renouncing his mommy, Felipe is stripping off Juan Carlos of the yearly stipend. In 2018, the former monarch obtained 194,232 euros.

The decision comes amid a continuing investigation by Korean prosecutors to an offshore account supposedly operated for Juan Carlos.

The accounts supposedly received 88 million euros from Saudi Arabia’s late King Abdullah in 2008, which prosecutors believe might be kickback obligations, according to the Swiss newspaper Tribune de Geneve.

On Saturday, the British paper The Telegraph reported that Felipe was appointed as a part of an offshore fund that controls the Korean accounts using an alleged 65 million euro present ($72 million) from Saudi Arabia awarded to his dad when he had been on the throne.

Felipe, 52, denied any knowledge of this finance in Sunday’s announcement.