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Spanish police Detain 21 Individuals in raids on Catalan separatists

Spanish authorities have arrested 21 individuals with hyperlinks to the separatist movement on suspicion of corruption and promoting public disease.

Spain’s interior ministry said in an announcement the people were investigated for alleged embezzlement of public funds and money laundering.

The arrests happened during 31 police raids from the Catalan cities of Barcelona and Girona early on Wednesday morning.

Tests revealed cash meant for Barcelona’s provincial government and a regional thing for encouraging sports teams were diverted illegally, ” the ministry stated.

Authorities also say the suspects might have whined about using rural land in the town of Cabrera de Mar to create a business center, a restaurant, and a college, after an investigation by Guardia Civil.

“Different methods of financing using public capital that the irregular pursuits unrelated to the lawful destination of the cash are being researched,” the ministry said.

A Barcelona court had previously named David Madi and Oriol Vendrell, two former politicians such as Catalan separatist parties, as being one of ten individuals under evaluation.

A high number of records are captured as part of this analysis, and police aren’t ruling out further arrests.