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Spiritual leaders can play Critical role to Fight Covid-19 pandemic, says UN chief

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Saturday reported the spiritual leaders across the globe can play an essential part to provide solutions in the battle against the Covid-19 pandemic and also help individuals recover from impacts of this disease.

Spiritual leaders could play a pivotal part to provide answers to not just deal with pandemic but to recuperate better,” Guterres submitted onto his Twitter.

“It’s heartening to see a lot of spiritual leaders joining forces now in a spirit of solidarity. Our world faces a crisis unlike any other. The Covid-19 pandemic isn’t merely a global health crisis. It’s a human catastrophe that’s upending lives, ruining livelihoods and deepening mistrust across the entire world,” he explained.

Also, he stated that the entire world knows from past public health disasters the activities of religious leaders affect people’s values, attitudes, behaviors, and activities.

In the summit, he thanked spiritual leaders for encouraging my charm to get an international ceasefire from the perspective of Covid-19. But he also noticed that a particular place around the planet continues to observe conflicts.

“Nevertheless we continue to view conflicts rage in several areas — combined with a growth in ethnonationalism, stigma and hate language targeting vulnerable communities and exacerbating suffering. Meanwhile, both extremists and radical groups are working to exploit eroding confidence in the direction and feed people’s vulnerability to serve their ends,” he explained.

“. . Secondly, I appealed for peace in the home. Across the world, we’re seeing an alarming rise in violence against women and women as this outbreak spreads. That is in breach of principles common to each religion, and that I appeal to spiritual leaders to condemn these actions,” he added.

Also, he emphasized the need to resist the spread of misinformation amid the outbreak.

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Finally, he encouraged faith leaders to encourage the joys of schooling, working together with education providers to locate solutions to fight the effect of their contagion.