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Sri Lankan students in China’s Wuhan to stay evacuated as coronavirus cases Rises

About 30 Sri Lankans now staying in Wuhan, the epicenter of this brand new SARS-like virus, could be evacuated in the city, police said on Saturday.

Sri Lanka’s Foreign Ministry reported that directions are given to the pupils to protect themselves in the fast-spreading disease.

“Originally, there were approximately 85 Sri Lankan students in Hubei Province, but the majority of them had returned to Sri Lanka for the holidays before the epidemic of Coronavirus,” the statement issued by the ministry stated. The virus that spread from China’s Wuhan has thus far resulted in 41 deaths, such as 39 in central China’s Hubei province and one in north-eastern province Heilongjiang, the wellness commission stated.

Furthermore, a total of 1,965 suspected cases also have been reported, it said.

The Sri Lankan health police said at least two individuals including a Chinese girl were admitted into the hospital for suspected coronavirus. Their blood sample has now been transmitted to the medical research institute for analyzing, officials explained.