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State of the Union Reality check: What Is true and what Is Untrue in Trump’s Speech

The president stated the state of this marriage was”more powerful than previously,” offering a profoundly partisan language that celebrated the American market as well as his latest trade prices while warning against Democrats’ election claims to rework the medical care system.

NBC News fact-checked his speech in real-time.

Claim 1
“Due to our daring regulatory reduction effort, the USA has been the number one manufacturer of petroleum and natural gas on earth, undoubtedly,” Trump said, based on an excerpt of the speech published beforehand.

Claim 2
The truth: Trump is largely appropriate, though his numbers are somewhat off. Between 2017 and the next quarter of this past year, the U.S. additional 12,074 factories, based on the most recent data in the BLS.

Claim 3
“Since my election, we’ve made seven million new jobs, 5 million over government specialists projected during the former government,” Trump said Tuesday night.

The truth: This amount is misleading. The market, however, does not move that fast. Since Trump took office, the nation has included 6.7 million occupations at 36 months. Also, he indicates that this is unprecedented victory nobody might have predicted, but it is not: At the 36 months before Trump took office, Obama made 8.2 million occupations.

Claim 4
“If we hadn’t reversed the failed economic policies of the former government, the entire world wouldn’t currently be seeing this fantastic financial achievement,” Trump said during his speech.

The reality: Economists consider the present phase of economic expansion started beneath the Obama government. Some state Trump’s tax cuts may have fostered it, however, the market wasn’t about the decrease when Trump occurred office.

Claim 5
The truth: That is accurate. Unemployment rates for every group attained the lowest rates on record, although all three have because ticked up slightly since attaining these highs.

Claim 6:
“I have also made an iron-clad vow to American households: We can always shield patients with preexisting ailments,” Trump said.

The truth: That is untrue. We have fact-checked this claim prior to since Trump was saying this for ages. However, the evidence does not back him up: The Trump government endorsed a lawsuit asserting Obamacare’s protections for preexisting conditions are prohibited, and the White House hasn’t suggested alternative legislation that would provide people that have preexisting conditions exactly the very same protections Obamacare offers.

Claim 7:
“And I was delighted to announce last year which for the first time in 51 decades, the expense of prescription medication went,” Trump said.

The truth: That is untrue. Prescription drug prices are on the increase, especially on name-brand medications, based on an Associated Press analysis.

Claim 8:
I moved fast to offer affordable alternatives. Our brand new plans are around 60% less costly and better,” Trump said.

The truth: That is true. Medical insurance premiums did twice in five decades, according to a government report, and also the programs that Trump is talking about could be much more economical. However, these programs are cheap for a reason: They pay less care and include a slew of dangers.

Claim 9:
“In sanctuary towns, local officials dictate authorities to discharge dangerous criminal offenders to prey upon the general public rather than handing them over to ICE to be safely eliminated,” Trump said.

That is untrue. Sanctuary cities normally refer to cities that don’t collaborate with ICE detainer requests, which can be requested for sheriffs and police officers to detain undocumented immigrants so that ICE can detain them afterward. But sanctuary cities nevertheless apply their very own — and other authorities’ — criminal legislation and some police officials say that these sanctuary policies help them fight crime.

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