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Statistics of five migrants recovered from Italian island of Lampedusa

The bodies of five girls are recovered on the Italian island of Lampedusa after their boat capsized in poor sea conditions immediately.

Three bodies were recovered at sea while two were discovered on a shore, the Coast guard explained, including that hunts were ongoing, but that poor weather had been complicating the attempt.

You will find reports that approximately 20 more migrants are missing.

The ten-meter longboat was reported in misery less than 1 mile away Lampedusa, the Coast Guard stated.

On Sunday the captain of this charity rescue boat Open Arms failed to acquire consent from Italy to disembark 62 African migrants.

However, on Sunday afternoon the police did evacuate 11 migrants in need of medical aid whilst the boat was at sea. At least one had been suffering from a gunshot wound.

The Italian government has taken a tough line against spiritual and contains resisted efforts by rescue boats to property migrants in its land.

A protracted standoff with the Open Arms that summer was just solved after a court-ordered police to start a vent, permitting 100 migrants to disembark.

There have been almost 1,000 supported deaths on the 3 major migration routes across the Mediterranean so much this season, according to the International Organisation for Migration.

Hundreds of migrants have died in the past several years hoping to create the Mediterranean spanning from northern Africa into Italy.