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Sterling Holidays Plans Doubling Portfolio Through Strength light Version

Chennai-based hospitality company Sterling Holidays that recently moved into an advantage light version is doubling its hotel portfolio to approximately 4,800 rooms with strategies to go into new leisure destinations in the nation, said a top company executive.

The advantage light version was adopted to deliver scale and expand to new vacation destinations and markets in which homestay brands such as Airbnb have opened in the previous two-three decades, said Ramesh Ramanathan, managing director, Sterlings Holidays Resorts Ltd.

“Formerly, we had to construct our hotels. Now we’re making direct connections. It will permit us to scale our distribution.

In the previous three-four decades, the business has also changed from working a pure holiday ownership model to a typical hotel enterprise.

Currently, around 50 percent of its revenue comes from the membership enterprise. “We believe there’s a distance in the nation to get a genuine vacation brand. While we develop our membership company, the non-refundable version lets us scale much quicker,” Ramanathan said.

“We’re taking a positive view on the market (regardless of the downturn in the market ), and we want to enlarge, and the means to do it is via management contracts,” he explained.

As part of its expansion plans, the business has recognized famous leisure destinations, pilgrimages, and brief gateway places since the newest areas for growth within the nation.