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Steve Smith mimicked Chris Rogers, Maybe Not Jack Leach – Report

Last updated on September 10, 2019

Post Australia’s victory in Manchester a photo of Steve Smith was doing the rounds where the right-handed batsman is observed wearing spectacles and carrying guard as a left handed batsman. Ever since this image surfaced, speculation was rife that he had been mocking England spinner Jack Leach. England fans and press have slammed the former Australian captain to be classless.

But two weeks after the episode, Chris Rogers, that also is bespectacled and can also be Steve Smith’s trainer, has shown that the parties were really directed towards him.

“He [Smith] sent me a pic stating that he was copying me.

Regardless of the controversy, the simple fact remains that Smith has become the best batsman in the show and since Joe Root surrendered following the last match, he’s also the gap between both sides.

“I believed it was a brilliant Test game and a fantastic wicket. It was a significant throw to triumph but with got them at the place we did early on it was crucial that you take advantage of the,” Root said reflecting back to the 185-run reduction in Manchester. “Charge to Australia, it was a fantastic venture in their opinion. We weren’t as great as we’d have liked to be consistent throughout the entire game. Bowling in Steve Smith in his kind is tough and you need to be certain that you take all your opportunities. We didn’t do this and that cost us,” that the English skipper added.

Smith scored 211 and 82 from the match to take his tally to the show to an astounding 671 runs in an average innings of 134.2, including three hundreds, even though missing England’s one-wicket triumph at the next Test at Headingley with concussion.