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Stop the Insanity: Rashid Irani Testimonials Angel Has Fallen

Last updated on September 9, 2019

What’s Gerard Butler still creating action pictures? Why is there yet another…Has Fallen movie? How did someone worse in the genre compare to meat-headed Steven Seagal become this type of blockbuster-generator?

Anyhow, following Olympus Has Fallen and London Has Fallen, Butler yields to Guard a new President of the USA, in Angel, Has Fallen. Just to be accused of trying to murder the commander-in-chief himself.

He has to evade law enforcement whilst concurrently functioning to expose the actual offenders (if you have not already figured who they are, then you still have not seen sufficient assassination potboilers) and make certain that the President endures, possibly so there may be another moronic…Fallen movie.

Apart from drone strikes and pyrotechnical explosions, anticipate non-stop onscreen carnage.

Old-timer Nick Nolte brings a semblance of respectability into his character of their estranged dad, but it is difficult to fathom exactly what prompted the Oscar-winning Morgan Freeman to accept that the thankless part of this beleaguered POTUS.

Enough endured.