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Swedish footballer chases and catches Burglar after 90-year-old’s bag is stolen

Manchester United defender Victor Lindelof captured a burglar who robbed an elderly lady and held the man until the police came, Swedish paper Aftonbladet reported Monday.

The episode happened in Lindelof’s house city of Vasteras, which is west of Swedish capital Stockholm.

Asked for comment, Manchester United said it supported Aftonbladet’s narrative.

A police announcement said a guy in his 30s riding a bike snatched a handbag belonging to a lady in her 90s on Monday morning.

“A guy who had been in the area is thought to have run following the supposed perpetrator, caught him up and held him until the authorities arrived at the scene,” police said, without visiting Lindelof.

“The authorities want to choose the chance and thank the watch for a speedy and wise intervention”

The girl who had been robbed told Aftonbladet that she’d love to thank Lindelof by buying him dinner.

The detained man faces charges of aggravated theft and minor drug offenses.

The 26-year-old Lindelof joined United from Portuguese group Benfica in 2017. He’s played 33 times for Sweden.