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Taliban Assault 2nd Afghan Town as US envoy says deal is Close

The Taliban attacked another Afghan town in as many days on Sunday and murdered several members of security forces, officials said, even as Washington’s peace envoy stated the US along with the militant group are”in the threshold of an agreement” to end America’s greatest war.”

The assault on the capital of Baghlan province came hours after US envoy Zalmay Khalilzad said that he cautioned the Taliban during discussions in Qatar which”violence similar to this must cease.” But he seemed determined to proceed on a bargain which intends that the withdrawal of a 14,000 remaining US troops in exchange for Taliban guarantees that Afghanistan won’t be utilized as a launching pad for general strikes.

Khalilzad was seeing Kabul on Sunday to short the Afghan authorities on a deal that’s not yet final. Both the Taliban affirmed the newest round of discussions had finished.

The strikes are viewed as strengthening the bargaining position of the Taliban, who restrain or hold influence over about half of Afghanistan and are in their most potent because of their 2001 defeat with a US-led invasion. Some critics warn that the Taliban are only awaiting the US and another US aim in the discussions, a cease-fire, probably won’t occur as foreign troops depart.

In Baghlan that the spokesman for the provincial police chief, Jawed Basharat, stated gunbattles continued to the outskirts of its capital, Puli Khumri. It said three Taliban fighters had been killed. If reinforcements do not arrive in the central authorities the town could collapse, he explained.

“People are imposing their homes and possessions hoping to escape from town,” Ghafari stated, adding that the Taliban had occupied a few checkpoints with no immunity from security forces.
“We listen to the sound of blasts. Individuals are so concerned,” said that the provincial council chief, Safdar Mohsini. “The Taliban have been in residential places fighting Afghan security forces. We need reinforcements to arrive as soon as possible.”

When the Taliban input the town, they’ll be rather tricky to repel, Mohsini added. The town of over 220,000 individuals is approximately 140 miles (230 km ) north of Kabul.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid at a Twitter post claimed that fighters were indoors Puli Khumri and the governor’s home was under siege. The convention on Sunday said the Taliban was cleared from this town, but a few fighters had fled to Baghlan. “We’re on the point of stopping the invasion and attaining out a peaceful solution for Afghanistan,” he explained.

The coming arrangement with the Taliban”will decrease violence and open up the doorway for Afghans to sit with each other to negotiate an honest & sustainable peace along with a unified, autonomous Afghanistan that doesn’t threaten the USA, its allies, or some other nation,” that the Afghan-born Khalilzad stated on Twitter.

A US official with the discussion group said Khalilzad would match with a vast assortment of Afghans in Kabul, for example, government direction.

“We can inform you that any possible peace deal won’t be based on blind hope, but may instead contain clear responsibilities that are subject to our observation and confirmation,” the official stated. “Any possible deal could bring together all sides for discussion, empower the withdrawal of American forces, and ensure the safety of their American homeland.”

The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the official was not allowed to discuss the situation with the media.

The officer stated that”when and if we can announce an arrangement, the procedure will pivot to intra-Afghan discussions where the Taliban will sit together with other Afghans and collectively they will give to a permanent and extensive cease-fire.”

Concerning “additional Afghans” rather than this is just another reminder of the challenges in almost any intra-Afghan talks beforehand. Around 20,000 US and NATO troops remain in the nation.