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Tanker fire Sri Lanka Currently under control, States navy

The flame on a big oil tanker off Sri Lanka’s coast has been brought under control along with an oil spill is improbable, the nation’s navy said Saturday.

Sri Lankan officials have cautioned massive ecological damage is possible in the event the boat flows or flows.

Four tug boats, three Sri Lankan navy boats, and four Indian boats have been fighting the fire to the MT New Diamond tanker because of Thursday.

The boat, carrying roughly 270,000 barrels of crude petroleum, was drifting about 37 kilometers from Sri Lanka’s eastern shore and on Friday evening a tug boat towed into the deep sea from property, said navy spokesman Capt. Indika de Silva.

The fire killed one Filipino team member and wounded another.

A third engineer that had been injured was hospitalized however is in a stable state.

The mind of Sri Lanka’s Marine Environment Protection Authority, Darshani Lahandapur, said the nation doesn’t have the resources or capability to fight such a huge catastrophe and had appealed for assistance from its neighboring countries.

She said that her business intends to take legal actions within the flame.

The fire started in an engine space boiler but hadn’t spread into the tanker’s oil storage space and no flow has been reported, the navy said.

The tanker’s team consisted of 18 Filipinos and five Greeks.

It had been transporting crude oil in the port of Mina Al Ahmadi from Kuwait into the Indian port of Paradip, in which the Lamb Indian Oil Corp. includes a refinery.