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Tenet: Christopher Nolan shoots Movie at Gateway of India with Dimple Kapadia, Robert Pattinson. Watch pics, video

Last updated on September 17, 2019

Ace Hollywood Manager Christopher Nolan is currently in Mumbai shooting his Second Movie, Tenet.

Nolan was seen shooting Tenet in the Gateway of India through the early hours of Monday. Kapadia and Pattinson had united him in the place. Nolan, like always, had a huge cup of coffee close to him, this moment, stuffed in his pocket.

Kapadia is observed with big clips maintaining her hair. He’s clean-shaven and wears his hair blond at the movie.

Nolan and Pattinson came to India this weekend and nobody, besides a lone engineer lover could recognize them. He handled a selfie using Pattinson and sneaked at a photo of Nolan.

The cast and crew will take for the movie at Mumbai for ten days. The movie’s group is stationed at the south Mumbai for its shoot. They will picture crucial action sequences at several seven counties such as Italy, UK, and Estonia.

The teaser wasn’t shared on the internet.

The teaser, which lasted for approximately a moment opened with a bullet hole that is hit through a glass wall. He afterward is seen walking to analyze the glass. And since he moves, the camera pans to show a few more cracks in the glass.

Kapadia grabbed a great deal of focus on social websites when she had been seen from town flaunting her hair color, allegedly because of her character, which lent the 61-year-old celebrity an ultra-glam allure. Mumbai-based talent director Purvi Lavingia Vats, who’d pitched the concept of casting Dimple into Nolan’s group, had told IANS: “Dimple is a superb actress and an excellent person. She’s the only Indian actor to be a component of the project as of this moment. They’ll be shooting the movie in various states, and India is among these.”

Nolan last visited India annually in March to create consciousness about celluloid movies in the electronic age and collaborated with iconic characters of Indian theater such as Amitabh Bachchan, Kamal Hassan, and Shah Rukh Khan.

Back then, when asked when he watched Indian movies, Nolan had responded: “I’ve watched some Indian theater, not enough though. However, I loved them very much. I want to watch them.”