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Tera Ghata singer Gajendra Verma releases Brand New Tune Milo Na Tum, romances Govinda’s daughter Tina in Movie

Last updated on September 10, 2019

Published on September 9, the movie has raked in near half-a-million strikes on YouTube.

The 3.45-minute long movie is put across several exotic places and attributes Gajendra wooing a young girl, played with Tina.

We see Gajendra sporting a hat, taking to the stage since he’s approached by a group of girls. After successfully catching the attention of the woman he is attracted to, the few dances together. The woman is approached by a villainous man, who’s pushed off by Gajendra. The man loses his temper and starts waving a gun around, and also fires a few bullets in the atmosphere. Gajendra runs away in the wreck with the woman, and they dancing a little more.

It pushes him to fame. Another movie, Ik Kahani, has over 70 million strikes.

Talking to Hindustan Times concerning the sudden success, he stated,”I’m the least gifted in my loved ones. So remaining grounded has never been challenging. As soon as I began my brother was startled, but he is pleased with the way I’ve grown.” He explained he’s evolved as a singer through time. “I’ve evolved as a musician. I’m not the exact same man I was when Emptiness published,” he explained, and added,”Music is growing also, so I need to experimentation. I have done a couple of sad music, then a couple of numbers. I am looking in other musical genres”