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‘Test, Examine, test’:’ WHO chief’s coronavirus message to Entire World to slow Progress of pandemic

The World Health Organization called on all states on Monday to ramp up their testing plans as the best method to impede the progress of this coronavirus pandemic.

“We’ve got a very simple message to all states – evaluation, test, evaluation,” WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told a media conference at Geneva.

“All states need to have the ability to examine all suspected instances, they can’t combat this outbreak blindfolded,” he added.

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence promised on Sunday that Americans could have access from the days beforehand to over 2,000 labs capable of conducting evaluations.

With limited testing accessible, U.S. officials also have listed almost 3,000 cases and 62 deaths, and massive sections of daily tasks are upended throughout the nation.

Without testing, instances couldn’t be isolated along with the series of diseases wouldn’t be broken, Tedros explained.

Even nations with advanced health programs have struggled to handle the outbreak, Tedros stated, adding he had been deeply worried about its impacts on low-income nations where individuals already fought with malnutrition and other medical issues.

The strategy to include the illness, by discovering people with illnesses and quickly isolating them was the ideal strategy, ” said the WHO chief.

Meanwhile, Tedros stated that he had been cheered by the reaction from authorities coming forward with financing to fight the outbreak.

“It is not only the funding, it’s the human soul which we view, that’s fighting this virus, but that’s coming more strongly,” he added. “I’m very encouraged in the previous week or so using all the good amount of solidarity I visit.”