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Thai police Detain suspected bomb-maker in Bangkok blasts

Thai police have detained the suspected bomb-maker accountable for the explosives used at a string of blasts at Bangkok last month as the town hosted a significant regional summit, authorities said on Tuesday.

Four people were injured when six little bombs and six incendiary devices went on Aug. 2 as Southeast Asian foreign ministers met at the summit attended by senior diplomats in the world powers such as China and the USA.

The supposed bomb-maker was charged with organised crime, arson, resulting in explosion and illegal possession of explosives, authorities said.

Authorities said each of the suspects are out of the nation’s Malay-Muslim-dominated southernmost states where an insurgency has killed nearly 7,000 individuals since 2004.

“We’ve issued warrants and understand who they are but most have fled the country,” Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwan informed reporters.

The authorities have stated that the coordinated strikes might also be connected to political difficulties.