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Thailand begins disinfecting packages Delivered from Overseas, despite WHO’s reassurance

Thailand’s postal providers started disinfecting all packages obtained from overseas Thursday to cancel the spread of this coronavirus, although the World Health Organisation said it’s safe to get articles from poorly affected nations, such as China.

The Southeast Asian state reported four new instances of coronavirus on Thursday, bringing its total to 47. 1 individual in Thailand has died from the illness, which erupted in the central Chinese city of Wuhan in December.

There haven’t been any reports of this virus being contracted by bundles posted from abroad, however, the strategy to disinfect them is among the most recent steps taken by governments to stop the spread of this illness.

“Thailand’s post offices will purify each bundle coming from abroad, in headquarters, such as at Suvarnabhumi airport, Lak Si post offices, state mail delivery and service trucks,” Thailand Post Chief Executive Officer, Korkij Danchaivichit, told reporters.

In information to the people posted on its site, the WHO stated: “Individuals receiving bundles from China aren’t in danger of contracting the new coronavirus. From the previous analysis, we all know coronaviruses don’t survive long on items, like packages or letters.”