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That time one jet-lagged Elon Musk made Alibaba’s Jack Ma sound grounded

And boy, they did not disappoint.

An onstage discussion between China’s richest person and the Tesla Inc. boss left a mostly Chinese audience equally awestruck and dumbfounded since the set sparred over everything in the presence of aliens into the preservation of individual consciousness. Musk, switching between technician visionary and epic Bond villain, contended that AI would probably transcend the human race; this culture may finish, and hence humankind had to learn more about the cosmos (especially Mars); which folks are dumb critters circumscribed by genes.

However, Musk, who seemed discombobulated occasionally after a late trans-Pacific flight, met his match at a fellow billionaire that parried him at every turn. Ma, the polished and down-to-earth speaker, additionally invoked familiar stances on education and the demand for”Love-Q” or LQ along with IQ to endure the long run. But the Alibaba honcho came across as more realistic compared to erratic Musk, who many times trailed off too poorly articulated tangents like the deadline of culture or speed of technological change (“It will appear to be a very long timeā€¦ Is that bad or good? I dun.”)

Just about the only thing they agreed on was that the international population was on the edge of collapse due to present birth rates — a pandemic catastrophe the world is ill-prepared to handle.

“Many men and women feel that we have a lot of people on Earth. “Assuming there is a benevolent AI, the largest problem that the world will confront in 20 decades, is a people collapse. Not an explosion. Collapse.”

The showdown was the highlight of this convention, which kicked off to a rainy Thursday at the shadow of a U.S.-Chinese battle which was at times seemed to pull the entire world to the verge of chaos. And Musk, whose second stage attracted droves of camera-toting audiences from the chairs, effectively lent credence into China’s fantasy of being the world leader in the technology from 2030 as Donald Trump wages a campaign to rein in the planet’s No. 2 market.

Though the billionaire entrepreneur has been careful to steer clear of this transaction warfare or longer-term geopolitical anxieties, he talked openly on nearly everything else — such as the chance that existence as we know it might end suddenly. “We do not have a lot of time,” Musk said. “This is the very first time at the 4.5 billion-year history of Earth which we will have the ability to extend the life beyond Earth,” he added. “Let’s fix the future so that the light of awareness isn’t extinguished.”

The argument occasionally turned heated, particularly when Ma contested his competitor’s belief that AI could someday prevail within the individual race. “The biggest mistake that I see people making would be to presume they are smart,” Musk countered. AI will probably be”much smarter than the smartest human you’ll ever know.”

Ma likened the opinion that people will not have the ability to compete using their machine creations in many facets of life — Musk’s stance — to individuals of a century past attempting to out-run cars that they manufacture. The biggest mistake I see people making would be to suppose they are smart.”

It did not all go according to the script. At one stage, Ma surprised listeners — that the scene was livestreamed — he seemed to perform a 180 on his notorious advocacy of slavish work. On Thursday he proclaimed that individuals ought to have the ability to work 12-hour months, a seeming reversal of remarks only months ahead that it is a privilege to operate”996,” or 2 to eight, six days each week.