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The Girl Difficult stereotypes in Europe’s fishing Sector

Last updated on November 12, 2019

Cultural stereotypes from the fishing sector are part of the reason many girls operate on property, doing tasks that are considered’female. Lidia Gonz├íles chose to challenge these societal perceptions by opting to become an officer on a big fishing vessel. She spent months close to the Falkland Islands on her final trip.

Lidia says she always enjoyed fishing and sailing, so it was not a massive jump to her to unite the career.

The base helps women acquire the professional training required to operate onboard these vessels. FUNDAMAR managed to place Lidia connected using a commercial fishing business which finally took.

Lidia says she anticipated a difficult time in the all-male team of 40 men throughout her Atlantic fishing excursion but she had been amazed to find her male colleagues professional treated her with respect.

“The change is beginning to influence view,” she states. “There is greater comprehension of how women have to be permitted on board, the business won’t have the ability to replace folks taking retirement”

Lidia is currently training to be a captain and considers women are capable of performing tough jobs that take them away from home for weeks at a time – but a single evening she says she’d love to have a rest and begin a family.

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