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The Girls Maintaining a Cossack tradition Living

The Orenburg downy shawl was created by Russia’s Cossack girls for centuries and has been highly desired in Russia and around the globe.

Created from a good mixture of goat and silk dye Orenburg shawls are famous for their fine knit.

“Everyone in my family. My mom, my grandma, my grandmother’s sister would knit out,” states downy shawls knitter, Rosa Gumerova.

“That is still largely handwork and that which depends upon the individual, on me. I’m sure that I do everything attentively. I want to be certain that the machine works nicely.”

The requirement for local handicrafts stays full of Russia, as long as these artisans continue to produce high-quality products that are handmade, the Orenburg downy shawl will continue to exist.