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The impeachment question was about Ukraine, but what about Russia?

The central charge from the House Democrats’ impeachment question is that President Trump utilized his office and forces to induce a foreign state (Ukraine) to dig up dirt on Joe Biden.

But before tomorrow’s people hearings, you will find two additional concerns worth exploring, particularly after Monday’s launch of three more transcripts of all depositions.

One: Why was Trump and his government pursuing a plan on Ukraine that matched with Russia’s interests — and contrary to the United States’ expressed federal interests?

And 2: Why are not House Democrats attempting to join the Russian clusters? (Can it be a hangover following Mueller?)

Within her published testimony, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Laura Cooper clarified why the safety assistance — that the Trump government held up was so precious to Ukraine: to discourage Russian aggression.

“Ukraine and Georgia will be both front-line countries facing Russian aggression. To be able to discourage further Russian aggression, we all have to have the ability to shore up these states’ abilities to protect themselves. That is, I believe, pure and easy, the reason for our approach to encouraging those nations. It is in our interest to discourage Russian aggression everywhere across the globe.”

Here is Croft answering questions regarding a briefing using Mulvaney that she explained: “centered about the Russian response.”

Query: “What has been the concern about the Russian response?”

Croft: “This Russia would respond adversely to the supply of Javelins to Ukraine.”

Query: “What has been the response to this concern from the other bureaus?”

Croft: “I don’t know I can supply this information in an unclassified setting”

Is there some way to supply widely?”

Croft: “I will broadly say that each the policy bureaus were in service.”

Query: “And you mean in service of supplying the Javelins?”

And State Department official Christopher Anderson clarified the negative perceptions about Ukraine within Trump’s orbit may damage it in its negotiations with Russia.

“There was a fear that — I had a panic, I’ll talk about myself. I had the fear that when [Rudy] Giuliani’s storyline took hold, the Ukrainian authorities was still an enemy of this president, and it would be quite difficult to have high-level involvement, which would signify that people would — that Russia wouldn’t — that it’d be more difficult for us to stress Russia to return to the bargaining table.”

Yes, the safety support to Ukraine was eventually released.

However, the question is crucial to ask: In the event the voiced U.S. policy was supposed to assist Ukraine, why was Trump and his government even considering activities that can help Russia?

It is part of the story that has not received sufficient attention.

“The court has to decide whether the Trump administration improperly tried to close the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals down program simply by declaring it to be prohibited whilst offering no in-depth explanation or assessing the influence on the immigrant people. Such analysis was mandatory, the Department of Justice insists.”

More from Williams: “The DACA initiative was first established in 2012 and enables kids of illegal immigrants to stay here when they were under 16 if their parents brought them into the United States and when they came by 2007.”

President Trump tweeted his service for the court to strike down DACA and depicted the application’s inheritance at a negative light.

Some are extremely tough, hardened offenders. President Obama stated he had no lawful right to signal order, but might anyhow. If Supreme Court treatments with overturn, a deal will be left with Dems to allow them to remain!”

Elijah Cummings’ widow to conduct due to his congressional seat

“I have been on this route for fighting for the soul of our democracy, for fighting health care, schooling, for a much better America for all.”

“And therefore he desired me to keep this battle, and I will continue this struggle and run the race and, win.”

Rockeymoore Cummings is now chair of the Maryland Democratic Party.

2020 Vision: Permanent Biden is rear

On a few days, as we have mentioned earlier, Joe Biden seems a great deal poorer than his frontrunner status could indicate.

And others, he seems far more lasting than the Washington chatter would have you think.

Monday was Durable Biden Day, using a fresh Quinnipiac survey revealing him in New Hampshire, but over the margin of error.

The numbers among likely New Hampshire primary voters: Biden 20 percentage, Warren 16 percentage, Buttigieg 15 percentage and Sanders 14 percent.

Meanwhile, Biden is up using a brand new TV advertisement highlighting his national-security experience.

Joe Biden campaigned in Iowa where he had a somber minute using a Navy veteran, per NBC’s Marianna Sotomayor: “A U.S. Navy veteran whose son is presently in officer candidate’s college in Fort Benning, Ga., told Biden that he’d shaken President Barack Obama’s hands and might consider it an honor’ when he could shake another president. As the approximately 150 individual audience clapped and cheered, they shook hands before the veteran stood up straighter and saluted the former vice president. Biden saluted back before telling the audience he promised to not send their children into warfare’ unless there’s an overwhelming reason the national interests of the United States is at stake.'”

“Warren has been asked to weigh in on remarks from Joe Biden that referenced her too mad. Warren refused to state and repeated a line at the weekend which Joe Biden should reply to that. However, she proceeded to state ‘For me, this is speaking about to all of the little girls who came up only now and who’ve done pinky guarantees is that we’re here. We’re powerful and we’ve got strong views. When folks are getting conned, it makes us mad. When folks are getting crushed by student loan debt, then it makes us mad. And if people can not cover their student loans, it gets us mad and we’re likely to stand up and we will discuss it.'”

Tweet of this day

Data Download: The amount of the day is… 101

That is the amount of GOP House members that have dropped, left or declared their retirement because Donald Trump took office in January 2017, per NBC’s Dante Chinni.

The departures (or approaching departures) of 101 of these amounts to approximately 42 percent of the original amount.

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