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The Kibo Code Reviews – Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton

Last updated on January 28, 2020

Welcome to the KIBO Code review. Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton are launching The KIBO Code program at the end of January 2020. In October,  I had a chat with Aidan, and I’ve managed to find out details that they will show a way to perform eCommerce that is unique from nearly anything online up to date.

If you are planning to start with an online business but are not sure how to start since there is too much required for an ecommerce, you are the right page because we are going to share with you the secret that works behind it. If you have heard of the Kibo Code, you probably would know what we are referring to, but if this is something new for you, we will try to explain it to you in the easiest and the clearest way.

Read the article till end to know what the Kibo Code is, how does it work, who are the creators of this program and how it is designed to profit you?

What is The Kibo Code?

The Kibo Code is a specialised online training program that intends to teach you about online marketing to earn profit by selling different products. It has 6 modules that are completed in the 8-week training program.

It is not just a simple method of selling things.  If you talk about a regular condition of selling products online, you need to find your customers, turn them to your website, find the products that sell, describe them, find the best sales funnel that interests the buyers, and then distribute the products to the customers. Also there has to be a lot of work done around posting Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Amazon, and care about each stock at the warehouse.

However marketing with the Kibo Code does not need you to sell any product on Amazon or run Facebook ads as this will make you learn a new technique to earn money by selling products.  With the help of this course, the creators of Kibo Code program share their secret to rule the e-Commerce industry. It works on simply using the Japanese method of selling things.  What’s that? We will discuss that later in the article below. Let’s first focus on how doorshipping works and how Kibo Code helps here.

How does doorshipping work?

Below are the steps that you need to follow for a doorshipping business.

  1. Create an online store.
  2. Find for cheap suppliers of products and add their products to your online store without a buy inventory. Then you put the higher prices you wish to sell at.
  3. You would need to promote your store to people who are interested in the products.
  4. Now when someone buys from your store, they will pay you, and then, you will pay to the original supplier their low price, keeping the profit with you and ask the original supplier to deliver the product to the customer.

What is it about the Kibo Program?

You may be wondering that how exactly the Kibo program is designed to help you. There are two major things about the Kibo Code program which hold the secret of this program. Let’s understand these:

As mentioned earlier, Kibo Code uses the Japanese method of selling things. If you are not aware smart Japanese workers in one of the stores in Tokyo use the method of the fast-selling and best-selling structure. What is done is this method is that they put the new products on the places that are the most visible in the store.  Now when customers come in, they see those products and the sales are the maximum for those products that deserve more attention.  Thus the crux lies behind:

  1. Finding the products that are sure to have maximum sales.
  2. Having maximum customers that reach your product

How does Kibo Code work?

Now what exactly Kibo Code does and what you need to do can be understood from the below 4 steps:

  1. Install your Store (With one click system of the Kibo Code)
  2. Load your products (Which Kibo Code will hand pick for you)
  3. Make sales and profits (Utilizing untapped traffic sources)
  4. Seamless delivery (totally automated)

Kibo code ensures that even if you don’t have any understanding of the Google algorithms and programming, you will be able to make your business visible because the program will cover for you all that is required:

Using this model everything below will be done automatically for you:

  • Attain a high-quality generic domain name
  • Have a simple store set-up with a high-converting theme
  • Search for profitable products
  • Create product listings on the website
  • Send instant traffic on to the product listings and the most awaited get profit instantly.

Additionally, you need not do anything about any inventory because other USA-based suppliers dropship the products to the customers.  Also you don’t have to handle the inventory or order anything directly. Once the order received is ready, the product would go directly to the customer’s doors. Isn’t it very simple!

With the Kibo Code, e-commerce is much simpler and ever more profitable because it gives you a quick access to the money-making world online. It is specific since it offers complete automation of searching for products that are the most profitable which helps you save on dollars and time in the long run. This you can aim at making the best profits you always wanted to.

What do you get in the Kibo Code program?

If you wish to start your career in e-commerce and affiliate marketing business and want to enrol for the Kibo Code program, you will be benefited with:

  • Training, software, proven storefront, and product pages
  • Also you get identification tools and a control center

 And most importantly you will be part of the community of the various users who are already interested in the program which is made with the purpose of ensuring that you have the support and coaching from the most reputable persons in the e-commerce industry.

Who are the creators of the Kibo Code?

The kobo Code program has two creators – Steve Clayton and Aidan who have been in this business for a long time. They possess the credit of creating many other programs like Parallel profits, 100k factory for their students to learn the basics of marketing.

Steve and Aidan started their careers by learning about marketing and exploring affordable ways to start an e-commerce store. After years of practice and research, they are now successful in earning millions from their stores, by making use of their Internet marketing skills.


The Kibo Code for sure outstand most other doorshippers by letting you perform what others are not doing. However the only thing tricky with the program is that it is more expensive than its competitors.

But not to forget that you get a lot many other things with the program and it is not just limited to the training. The other bonuses include a free eBook, advanced workshops with different formulas and strategies helping you understand how to grow in ecommerce better and many more. So if you really want to make yourself equipped with something which stands apart or is legit, then Kibo Code program is for you.