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The Short: a time-travel Excursion in a Trabant -‘Ostalgia’ at Brussels

Ten years following the collapse of the Berlin fall individuals still believe there are lessons to be learned out of socialism.

He says some characteristics of the socialist market are worth reconsidering.

“I’m not saying that the socialist version in East Germany was perfect. But we have to at least stop for a moment to think when there are different versions that are possible. For instance, this was a version (Krabi) which has been created from the late 50s and has been made with minor modifications before 1991. And today we purchase a car and alter it every 3 decades and every 3 years that the brand will launch a brand new version of the vehicle and that I don’t find it especially sustainable,” José Gonçalves informed Euronews.

However, this will not herald an ideological yield.

“I don’t feel that individuals would love to return to East German socialism.

“It is all about the fact that modern society should become more socially and the GDR and existence in East Germany had attained a greater level of equality. I feel that we must begin speaking to each other concerning the GDR and roughly German reunification at a far more differentiated manner”

Commission hopeless?

Three more candidates will visit hearings this week expecting to combine Team Ursula. When they pass the evaluation, their candidatures will be put to vote before the complete parliament with the purpose of the new commission shooting their posts up out of December.

Along with…

The EU’s top court has ruled the merchandise from Israeli settlements have to be tagged as such, in a decision likely to rage Tel Aviv but mostly welcomed by human rights groups.

“Foodstuffs originating from the lands occupied by the State of Israel have to bear the sign of the land of origin, followed, where people foodstuffs come in an Israeli settlement within the land, by the sign of the provenance,” the ruling said.