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The Short: Are the elections in Israel being Seen in Brussels?

Last updated on September 18, 2019

Israel is now holding a second national election, that the next since April.

Whoever ends up in control of the nation, the odds are slim that the scenario in the West Bank will alter.

“The two-state solution isn’t too near we do not have a procedure for this, but I believe that it is actually important today that we’ve got a much better connection since it’s been a good deal of stress between the European Parliament and Israel and that I do not think that’s fruitful,” Swedish MEP Tomas Tobe clarified.

The EU continues to encourage a two-state solution, and it has condemned Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

But, the two candidates have said they need to keep Israel’s growth in the West Bank.

“Now isn’t the moment for confrontation. Now’s not the moment to improve battle. Now’s the time to produce arrangements which go in the perfect direction and also the European Union ought to be available to seek out possible methods of knowing,” Spanish MEP Iratxe Garcia stated.

Following the United States transferred its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in May 2018, some EU member nations desired to do the same. This will amount to a change in Europe’s approach to the peace procedure.

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The European Parliament enhanced aid for higher education and research.

These programs encourage student mobility and academic study.

The European Parliament is a place to urge the member countries to implement the agreed anti-money laundering principles in federal law. Bad alliance and information-sharing between federal authorities are regarded as the principal obstacles to stop criminal financing.

The vote on the settlement occurs on Thursday.