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The Short: Commission hearings – score card

Last updated on October 9, 2019

Poland’s Janusz Wojciechowski should enter overtime after his hearing. MEPs have accused him of providing a lackluster performance.

The agriculture portfolio candidate is currently requested to answer a round of questions that were written.

Wojciechowski occasionally strained to discover the proper phrases in English and stayed vague on lots of issues. If his written replies are still considered insufficient, he can confront another 90-minute grilling.

1 center-right MEP calling her ‘come-back commissioner,”’ she stated she had to return to them on quite a few replies.

The veteran Soviet Union stumbled upon migration and MEPs believed policy programs were without warning. She will submit written questions too.

He will take over in the Dutchman Frans Timmermans to take care of European justice problems, such as work on the principle of law- a cause of big battle with populist governments in southern EU states. He was Finance Minister at the time that the euro was started in Belgium and till 2019 he served as part of the Belgian Prime Minister’s authorities, the liberal Charles Michel. In June dropped his candidacy to become secretary-general of the Council of Europe that the Continent’s major human rights body. He had been, until a few weeks past, one of those controversial nominees. The former Foreign Affairs minister has been investigated for corruption and money laundering by a Belgian prosecutor, which was dropped in time because of his hearing.