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The World Travel Market: giving us a Flavor of Traveling Adventures waiting to be Found

Last updated on November 12, 2019

In this variation of Spotlight, we now come to you in the World Travel Market in London. We are joining thousands of individuals from the tourism and travel businesses that are promoting all kinds of vacation destinations – ranging from capital cities to tropical islands.

The true Seychelles encounter

The Seychelles does not fight to turn heads at WTM.

It is the best escape for all.

“When they see, people want to feel unique, they would like to get underneath the skin of their destination, they would like to know what the nation is all about and that is the reason for us we do not just have five-star possessions, we’ve got home-grown properties at the Seychelles, which provides precisely that — the true Seychelles encounter,” states Sherin Francis, Chief Executive Officer, Seychelles Tourism Board.

“You have to live quite near a household, in a guest house, in which you get to understand exactly what Seychelle’s lifestyle is about. Learn how to eat a fish that’s freshly broiled on a grill and small things like this, that may be in a larger, grander hotel you would not encounter”

Health and health at the Philippines

The Philippines is just another island country seeking to attract more international travelers.

It is a state with a rich history, and a combination of Asian, American and European influences.

“We possess the farms where it is possible to experience weight reduction. If you are a vegan, you then can have it all there.

“Diving today is among the chief products of the Philippines and we’d love to provide you some of the best dive areas on the planet. It depends upon the sort of diving you need. If you’d like free-diving, scuba-diving, if you would like to explore wrecks, then if you would like to find sharks, whale sharks, title it, we’ve got it in the Philippines.”

Japan also has plenty to offer in regards to wellness.

“You are still able to go through the geisha and these authentic Japanese items such as the samurai. But things such as ski are a very major market for us. A good deal of folks do not understand that Japan has the most ski resorts in almost any nation on the planet.

“Matters like scuba diving in addition to plenty of outdoor sports and that I believe that the health community is well primed for Japan traveling, in matters such as meditation, meditating with monks at the hills, temple remains. Those types of relaxing, mindfulness components of Japan. Forest bathing too.”

Montenegro is a country proud of its natural beauty also. Something which’s bringing an increasing number of traffic to this comparatively new destination.

Here you will discover stunning coastal and mountain scenery, with a lot of sports and adventures waiting to be appreciated.

“it is a state of history and life, so this is exactly what it is. A country of attractiveness, unprecedented beauty I’d say. The only fjord from the Mediterranean, the 2nd deepest canyon on earth is in Montenegro. So, there are loads of things you want to come and watch. The gorgeous beaches, the gorgeous rivers and a lot of approaches to spend your holiday. Do you need a yacht, would you really need to sail, would you need to swim, do you need to go trekking, do you need to ski.

There are many places on the market to be researched and also the World Travel Market in London provides us a taste of their adventures waiting to be found.