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‘They’ve taken three steps back’: Barnier points finger at UK ahead of Brexit talks resumption

After nearly 3 months, Brexit talks return on Tuesday.

The UK and the EU are searching for an arrangement over their future connection today that Britain has left the Union but stays tied to European principles for the length of the transition interval.

The previous round of discussions showed little progress produced by both sides, and there are no apparent indications that the forthcoming meetings, which are also appreciated by UK prime minister Boris Johnson, will end up being any different.

In an interview with British paper The Times, the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier stated that”that the UK has taken three steps back in the responsibilities it initially made”, adding that the EU needs the UK to honor them” into the letter”.

The transition interval is set to expire December 31 this season, therefore the UK and the EU should achieve an agreement by then or risk ending up at a”no-deal” situation, which either side claimed they need to prevent.

There’s still the option to request an expansion, at least until July 1, but the UK has mastered it out will do this.

“We aren’t likely to request an extension, and when the EU asks one, we won’t take it,” British negotiator David Frost stated on Thursday, May 28.

In a statement published on May 15, following the previous round of meetings,” Frost said the”major barrier” in the discussions right now is represented by”unbalanced proposals” that, according to Frost, could observe the UK nevertheless”adapting to EU legislation or criteria” following Brexit – something that is”unprecedented in Free Trade Agreements”, he added.

Barnier stated that the EU was planning to get a free trade arrangement without custom obligations, for many products.

“We’re much less vulnerable than them since just 7% of our exports go to the United Kingdom when 47 percent of British exports go to the EU,” he explained.

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