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Third Keep killed in the Pyrenees at 2020, angering activists

Spanish police have confirmed that a crazy bear was killed in the Pyrenees mountains, the next creature to perish in 2020.

“Larousse the bear died because of a gunshot” from the Bardaji valley, the regional government of Aragon tweeted Sunday evening.

The hunter who shot the creature has maintained he was behaving in self-defense, the police said, adding that an autopsy could be completed on Monday.

The incident comes only days after a defendant was detained in connection with the investigation into the death of another bear, Cachou.

The six-year-old man bear’s body has been discovered dead in early April from the Aran Valley in Spain, close to the border with France.

Back in June, another bear was captured and killed close to the French ski resort of Guest, in Ariège, however, the analysis is still at a standstill.

French institutions are once more demanding that new creatures be published in the area to replace the people killed, and state Sarousse died”through a wild boar hunt”.

“These bears murdered by guy has to be replaced based on the responsibilities of their 2018-2028 bear program,” that the Ferus and Pays de l’Ours-Adet institutions said in a joint press launch.

“2020 is a black year for the bear in the Pyrenees, [with] more than 5 percent of the bear population is murdered by guy along with also a deafening silence from agents of the French State around the maximum degree.”

Pays de l’Ours-Adet claims both Larousse, which had been released in 2006 and was residing in the Turbon massif in Spain, also Cachou was beneficial for its species because of their genetic history.

“Ferus and Pays de l’Ours-Adet petition that light will be shed on the passing of Larousse and on that of their bear killed in Ariège past June.”

“Ferus and Pays de l’Ours-Adet will behave as much as required to substitute these 3 bears.”

But on each side of the boundary, the existence of the bear has created anger among farmers, who claim the animals have murdered hundreds of the cows.

Back in August 2019, police in Val d’Aran had asked for the”immediate withdrawal” of this bear, which they state prompted a reply from French President Emmanuel Macron past January.