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‘This is not over!’ : Trump fans refuse to accept defeat following Biden declared winner

Chanting”This is not over!”

By Atlanta and Tallahassee to Austin, Bismarck, Boise and Phoenix, audiences varying in size from a couple of dozen to a few thousand — a few of them carrying firearms — decried the information of Joe Biden’s success after over three suspense-filled times of vote-counting place the Democrat over the top. Skirmishes broke out into certain towns.

Others chanted, “This is not over! This is not over!” And”Fake news” The roads were teeming with American flags along with Trump banner ads.

No instant violence has been reported, though, at one point, authorities moved to different Trump competitions from fans. Biden held a slender lead to Georgia, which has not gone to get a Democrat since 1992.

“There is election fraud happening this,” said Kelley, asserting that Republicans in Georgia, a country with a GOP governor and secretary of state, had counted the ballots to place Biden ahead. “Although I reside in Tennessee, I am an American, and I wish to ensure Americans have a voice in the election”

He planned to create the 10-hour visit to Washington next week to show on the steps of the Supreme Court, where Trump and his attorneys have vowed to make his situation.

Underscoring the difficult feelings on either side of the country’s deep political split, anti-Trump protesters in Washington booed, yelled obscenities, shouted”Loser! Loser!”

Two signs posted before Trump’s Washington resort read”Do not be a sore loser” and”Face Reality”.

Despite the promises of Trump fans, there’s been no proof of any significant voter fraud. And some Republican elected officials across the nation started to distance themselves from Trump and urge him to take that the outcome.

The absolute rejection of Biden as the president Trump and his assistants seems to signify something new in American political history,” said Barbara Perry, presidential research director at the University of Virginia’s Miller Center.

“We typically have not had a pioneer who wins the presidency who informs his followers,’That is untrue. “Incumbent presidents were angry, so angry they did not visit the inauguration, but not like that, where they’re leading those individuals to state that this is deceptive.”

A few million Trump supporters gathered in the Pennsylvania Capitol at Harrisburg. Pennsylvania played an important part in Biden’s success.

“If we do not stop this now, it will all be over,” Bruce Fields, 66, said of information organizations announcing Biden the winner. “Otherwise we could kiss liberty goodbye.”

In the Arizona Capitol at Phoenix, a crowd swelled to over 1,000 over hours.

“It is very doubtful that President Trump, together with the red wave we have been visiting at Arizona, is fighting,” Kelli Ward, former state senator and also chairwoman of the Arizona Republican Party, informed boisterous pro-Trump demonstrators. “I need to know whether there’s a discrepancy with the numbers coming from these machines”.

Over 1,000 people gathered in the Texas Capitol in Austin, together with authorities maintaining Trump and Biden fans on other sides of the road.

In a spot that was not near, Trump supporters assembled in droves to state support for port and his frustration over the results of the election. External North Dakota’s Capitol at Bismarck, the nation’s all-Republican congressional delegation joined chanting, sign-carrying protesters.

A couple of skirmishes broke out between Trump backers and pro-Biden and Dark Lives Things demonstrators, with a single BLM supporter trying to handcuff himself into a Trump supporter. Both men started wrestling on the floor.

An officer escorted the Dark Lives Issue supporter into a squad car. It was unclear when he was detained.

In Lansing, Michigan, roughly 50 Trump assistants along with a smaller set of marchers carrying Black Lives Issue flags converged on the state Capitol, where they pushed, shoved and yelled at one another in a tense standoff. But in minutes of the race being called, some from either side shattered to prayer, and at least one set hugged.

Frank Dobbs, 40, of Henderson, Nevada, attracted a bullhorn and a Trump 2020 flag he wrestled with at a stiff wind in a rally outside the Clark County registrar of voters office at North Las Vegas.

“It is not over until it is finished. There is still the courts. If there’s a time to introduce widespread fraud, then this is the president to perform it,” Dobbs said. “The press does not determine who wins the presidency. The Republicans of the nation decide.”