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This week in Movies: marches for equality, unrest in Greek-Turkish Boundary, markets at freefall

International Women’s Day has been marked with protests requiring equality, Europe became that the epicenter of this coronavirus pandemic, stock markets dropped across the planet, along with the Greek-Turkish border catastrophe remains with no remedy‚Ķ these would be the greatest stories of this week, as noticed by photojournalists across the world.

Coronavirus dispersing
The EU cautioned that health care systems around Europe are in”high risk” of being overrun by a coronavirus and monetary markets endured their worst declines on record.

Greek-Turkish border emergencies

Special forces from many European nations attained the Greek-Turkish boundary on Wednesday, 11 March to back up the Greek government from the dispute on the right of migrants to enter the nation. Tens of thousands of refugees and migrants have been attempting to get to Greece for more than weeks, following Turkey announced its boundaries with Europe open.

Venezuela crisis

Tragic anniversary

Lighting the Olympic fire

It had been closed to the general public, and organizers slashed the number of officials in addition to journalists present.

Pale moon rising

The entire moon added additional decoration into New York City’s legendary skyline.

Holi festivities

Hindus withdrew colored powder celebration of the Holi festival in India, but the occasion was subdued in comparison with preceding years because of anxieties around the spread of coronavirus.