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Thousands of migrants Collect in Greek border Following Turkey opens gates

After Turkey announced it would open it is land boundary with Greece, at least 13,000 people have accumulated there expecting to cross in the European Union, the United Nations migration firm said Sunday.

Spurred on by Saturday’s statement from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that he wouldn’t”shut these doors at the upcoming period,” tens made their way boundary.

In exchange for E.U. funds, Turkey agreed to step up efforts to stop the circulation of hundreds of thousands of refugees passing through the country and to Europe, largely through Greece and Bulgaria in 2015.

But, Erdogan accused that the E.U. of not maintaining its end of the deal.

Following his address, thousands started making their way to the border.

Staff working together the 130-mile long boundary between Turkey and Greece and at the funds had seen on Saturday evening at 13,000 people gathered in the proper border crossing points in Pazarkule and Uppsala and several casual border crossings, the IOM stated at launch.

Their amounts ranged between a few dozen and over 3,000, it included.

“Many of these on the go are guys but we’re seeing several family groups traveling with young kids,” that the IOM’s Turkey main, Lado Gvilava explained.

Caution that temperatures were falling to”near-zero”, he added: “We are concerned about those vulnerable men and women that are subjected to the elements.”

The bureau said its employees were monitoring the movement of individuals and providing humanitarian aid to the most vulnerable.

Also, they fought a cat-and-mouse match with bands cutting holes at a boundary fence along the edge to creep through.

Others were creating the brief, but frequently perilous sea crossing on the Turkish coast to the Greek islands.

The Greek government reiterated its promise to keep migrants out Saturday, along with the nation’s Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis tweeted: “I need to be clear: no more illegal entrances into Greece is going to be tolerated. We’re raising our border security.”

At another tweet, he added: “Greece doesn’t bear any responsibility for the dreadful events in Syria and won’t endure the effects of decisions taken by other people.”

Turkey’s decision to start the borders with Greece came amid a military escalation in northwestern Syria’s Idlib state that has compelled thousands and thousands of Allied civilians to flee fighting there, together with a number heading north toward Turkey.