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Toilet paper from Inventory as Australia stockpiles Throughout COVID-19 Epidemic

Since the virus continues to spread around the world, fear of contagion is spreading also, causing individuals to stock up on essentials like tinned food and hygiene solutions.

Woolworths, Australia’s largest supermarket chain, has chosen to restrict the sale of toilet paper.

“This can help consolidate stocks while providers increase manufacturing and deliveries to reply this large need”, Woolworths informed Euronews in a declaration.

“To ensure everybody has access to essential things,” the statement went on, “we have introduced several common-sense limits to a couple of products. We have limited bathroom paper into 4 packs a trade.”

The fear of running out of gear is causing problems among shoppers: 2 guys have fought at a supermarket over a toilet paper bunch, with one assaulting the shop employee who attempted to separate them, the Australian authorities affirmed.

The authorities needed to use a taser to immobilize the guy, they included.

Appropriately-named Australian bathroom paper maker Who Gives a Crap donate 50 percent of the profits to help construct bathrooms and enhance sanitation in the developing world. And they have run out.

On Thursday, a paper in Darwin, the capital city of Australia’s Northern Territory, chose to poke some fun in the fecal frenzy.

Eight pages of this daily NT Newspaper were left blank, with clear outlines to cut them into smaller pieces.

“Run from loo paper?” The front page read. “You can use these pages in a crisis.”

Australia has reported 55 instances of coronavirus as of Thursday.