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Tomorrow I will grab you!’ : Italian mayors Eliminate patience with lockdown dodgers

Among the challenges facing governments as they struggle the spread of coronavirus is implementing lockdowns as soon as they’ve been announced.

Maintaining people quarantined is now coverage in European countries including Spain, France, and Italy, that had been the first European nation to apply a lockdown.

Many however haven’t been heeding the directions to remain inside. Now, lots of mayors of Italian cities and towns are taking things into their own hands.

In social networking videos that are going viral, officials are taking extreme action to attempt and get through for their citizens.

“Where are you going with those dogs that have to have inflamed prostates?

Antonio Decaro, the Mayor of Bari, had a person picture him walking a beach in Bari telling folks they needed to move home. He had to disrupt a ping pong game which has been happening in the moment.

Along with the mayor of Lucera, Antonio Tutolo, wasn’t mincing his words at a Facebook speech.

Do you see that the coffin is going to be shut? Who is going to see with your hair fixed at the coffin?”

Italy is the worst affected state in Europe for COVID-19, with over 64,000 confirmed instances and the planet’s greatest official death toll of 6,077 on Monday 23 March.