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Tractor Pool For Cuba’s Kids Tours Tobacco Zone

At the nation’s tobacco-growing zone, there aren’t any public pools; therefore, the neighborhood took things into their own hands, giving tarps, providing water and paying to your tractor’s gas.

The swimming pool is free, and the only principle is that the kids should have clean feet to climb aboard.

“We dream our children don’t move to a different neighborhood, but they become the farmers of their future. That’s why we offer this,” explained Ippolito Marraron, the president of this amalgamated that lent the tractor, using the state that it might only be utilized if the agricultural employees did not require it.

Margarita Jimenez that handles the kids said the principles to combine the cell pool are straightforward: no meals or beverages, and kids should have feet.

The multi-use tractor in El Infernal is not only used for plantation work along with a pool, but it is also sometimes pressed into service as an ambulance in a place with few engine vehicles.