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Tropical Storm Cristobal makes landfall along with southeastern Louisiana

With maximum sustained winds near 50 mph, Cristobal is forecast to go north at about 7 miles, the Center stated. It ought to turn into a tropical depression within one day and will continue to dump heavy rain which could result in flash flooding, largely throughout the Mississippi River Valley in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Arkansas.

Life-threatening storm strikes could happen in areas of Mississippi and Louisiana. Storm surges occur when rising water goes inland from the shore, possibly causing damage and injury to property.

“Just as this is a tropical storm does not signify that we would like to let down our guard,” CNN meteorologist Derek Van Dam said.

“A storm surge is a significant threat, and it is the number one killer in tropical storms in this way,” Dam added.

Neighboring states to the east such as Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, the Carolinas will select up a few inches of rain in a short period that could trigger a flash flood.

Widespread rain along the coast will probably be at the 5-10 inch range, with a few regions picking up at least a feet complete. This may exacerbate the flood concern for countries like Louisiana, Arkansas, and Florida, which have received at least 8-10 inches in only the previous 30 days, the Center stated.

“We are seeing not only the substantial storm surge but tornadoes,” CNN Meteorologist Tom Sater explained.

“Many water spouts are making their way over toward property,” he added.

Back in Florida Saturday, there have been seven tornado reports, such as one which struck close downtown Orlando. At least three houses were significantly affected by storm action, as shown by a town spokesperson.

According to some media accounts, coronavirus testing occasions which were scheduled for Monday in Jackson were canceled possessing to the coming storm.