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Trump accuses Democrats of’deranged partisan crusades’ Because impeachment trial heats up

President Donald Trump slowed down his strikes against Democrats along with his impeachment trial in a New Jersey campaign rally Tuesday night, accusing them of chasing”deranged partisan crusades” and reminding fans of the significance of winning back the House of Representatives in November.

“Americans of all political beliefs are tired and sick of the revolutionary, rage-filled abandoned socialists,” Trump continued. Voters are creating a mass exodus with that celebration and we’re inviting them into the Republican Party with wide-open arms”

Trump continued to go after Democrats, asserting that they”haven’t been more intense than they are now” and calling them”crazy”

“These people are mad. They are taking their cues from socialists such as Bernie [Sanders],” he explained of the Vermont senator and presidential candidate.

Trump dealt with the New Jersey audience Tuesday night soon after his lawyers wrapped up their shield at the president’s Senate impeachment trial. The very first day of questioning would start on Wednesday when senators of both parties have been permitted to question House prosecutors and White House team.

“They can not win an election so that they’re attempting to steal an election. It is not happening people, it is not occurring,” the president stated.

Trump, who normally holds rallies in aggressive states that encouraged him 2016, chose an odd decision to go to a Democratic stronghold because of his very first campaign rally since the beginning of the Senate impeachment trial.

However, Trump waded into enemy land Tuesday night amidst a political conflict back in Washington to reveal thanks to newly-minted Republican Rep. Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey.

“I must inform you, a couple weeks back Jeff was among those courageous and principled Democrat lawmakers — in all fairness, we have been following him for a very long time — that awakened into the House Democrats along with the outrageous abuse of power which you see going on at the moment,” Trump said, ” said Van Drew and encouraging the congressman to join him on stage.

“Jeff dared to withstand the left-wing fanatics in his party.”

Van Drew, a freshman congressman representing the southern New Jersey swing district, also declared in December that he was defecting in the Democratic Party to join Democrats over his resistance to impeaching Trump. In an Oval Office meeting, Van Drew vowed his”undying support” into the president and subsequently, Trump provided his acceptance.

A few Democrats have indicated that Van Drew switched parties after polling revealed that Democrats in his district didn’t wish to renominate him in 2020. Trump promised he’d encourage Van Drew within his re-election and effort for him.

“You need to get out and vote Republican, eliminate those clowns. And you must get out and vote to get a courageous guy, what he did was unbelievable, Jeff Van Drew,” Trump continued.