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Trump congratulates Chiefs, thanks Incorrect state

President Donald Trump congratulated That the Kansas City Chiefs in their come-from-behind Super Bowl Success on Sunday.

Just he uttered the incorrect state.

“Congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs to a fantastic match, and a great comeback, under immense pressure,” Trump tweeted. “You represented that the Great State of Kansas and, in reality, the whole USA, therefore very well.

The Chiefs play from Arrowhead Stadium, in Kansas City, Missouri.

The president deleted the tweet along with 12 minutes later led his gratitude to the state of Missouri.

“I figure that a Sharpie can repair it,” one observer replied, concerning a doctored map Trump exhibited at the Oval Office this past year which revealed Alabama — circled in black mark that seemed to be out of a Sharpie — to be inside the path of Hurricane Dorian.

“It is Missouri you rock cold idiot,” provided Claire McCaskill, the former Democratic senator from Missouri.