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Trump donates ventilators into India, States both Countries will Conquer pandemic

America is working together with India about creating a vaccine for Covid-19, President Donald Trump stated on Friday and recognized Indian-Americans as”good” scientists and researchers, those that are leading to the evolution of coronavirus disease.

Addressing the press, Trump said he’s hopeful that a Covid-19 vaccine will be available by the close of the calendar year, also declared to create a former leader of experiments in GlaxoSmithKline to spearhead the effort as scientists around the world converge to come up with a vaccine to the coronavirus which has murdered more than 300,000 people internationally.

“I only got back a while ago from India lately and we’re working very much with India and we have a huge Indian people in America and lots of the people who you’re speaking about are now operating on the vaccine also. Fantastic scientist and investigators,” he told reporters at the Rose Garden of the White House since he introduced a huge attempt to rate track the growth of coronavirus vaccine before year-end.

“Yes. We’re working very closely together with India,” Trump said reacting to a query.

“India was so good as you understand your Prime Minister was a really good friend of mine,” Trump said and afterward on Twitter declared to contribute ventilators into India.

“We stand with India” and also Prime Minister Modi through this pandemic, ” he said.

“We are also working on vaccine development. Together we’ll conquer the invisible enemy!” Trump said.

The White House didn’t immediately say regarding the number of ventilators that the US is donating to India.

This is really for the first time likely a president has recognized that the research and scientific ability of the Indian American community.

There are an estimated four million Indian Americans in the USA, of which roughly 2.5 million are possible voters in the 2020 presidential elections that November. As a presidential candidate, Trump was the first nominee to maintain another election rally for Indian American in October 2016 in New Jersey.