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Trump fires John Bolton as national security Advisor

Last updated on September 10, 2019

President Donald Trump has fired National Security Adviser John Bolton Following a Series of Arguments between Both over the Way the U.S. should Manage North Korea and Iran.

Trump declared on Twitter he had inquired for Bolton’s resignation, which he obtained this afternoon, following the president had”disagreed with a lot of his proposals.”

“I advised John Bolton last night that his solutions are no longer wanted in the White House. I disagreed strongly with a lot of his proposals, as did other people in the Administration, and so I asked John for his resignation, that was granted to me this afternoon,” Trump said on Twitter.

Bolton said in a tweet he had offered to resign last night the president had stated in reaction that they’d”discuss it “

Bolton had driven Trump to have a harder line on regimes he’s deemed untrustworthy.

Trump stated he would name a new national security advisor next week.