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Trump Goal Lisa Page sues DOJ, FBI to Get’unwanted invasion of privacy’

Ormer FBI attorney Lisa Page sued her older companies on Tuesday, charging they unlawfully introduced inflammatory text messages involving her and FBI agent Peter Strzok to divert Republican anger from leading officials in the Department of Justice.

I take little pleasure in doing so. However, what they did leaking my messages into the media wasn’t only incorrect, it was prohibited,” Page tweeted Tuesday.

The litigation has been filed one day after the Justice Department’s inspector general saw Page” failed to play a part in the decision” to start an investigation to the Trump effort’s participation with Russia at the 2016 election, despite President Donald Trump has tweeted that she is among those people” who began the disgraceful Witch Hunt.”

Page resigned in May of this past year. The lawsuit states the torrent of attacks from the president and his allies has caused her”permanent loss of earning ability as a result of reputational harm” and cost her an undisclosed sum in lawful and treatment fees.

In papers filed in federal court in Washington, D.C., Page indicates she had been deliberately created a scapegoat for Trump’s anger in the Russia evaluation into the advantage of then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Strzok and Page first made headlines in December of 2017, as it was declared they had been eliminated from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s evaluation due to text messages which were critical of this president, such as calling him”a loathsome human”

Republican members of Congress needed to find the texts and DOJ chose to oblige, though they were being researched by DOJ’s inspector general, ” the lawsuit says. The DOJ decided to publish them into the media on the evening before Rosenstein was put to testify before Congress.

“Disclosure of those text messages before Rosenstein’s hearing could serve many objectives: it would shield the Deputy Attorney General from criticism throughout his testimony; it’d reveal that the Department was covering issues of concern to the President; also it might dominate policy of this hearing, which could be damaging for the Department,” the lawsuit claims, together with the only expense being Page and Strzok’s solitude.

The evening before the hearing, “DOJ officials, such as then-DOJ spokesperson Sarah Isgur Flores, summoned a select group of colleagues into the Department’s offices. Additionally, they allowed the reporters to look at the 375 text messages. The terrorists were told that they weren’t allowed to remove or replicate the messages and couldn’t supply the messages DOJ,” the lawsuit says, noting that the processes weren’t”regular”

“Reporters were admitted to the construction to observe the text messages following closure of business,” the lawsuit says, adding subterfuge was developed to make it seem like it had been members of Congress rather than the DOJ who had leaked messages.

Two different inspector general reports discovered that Page’s remarks about the president had not affected her job in the FBI, however, DOJ’s”unlawful behavior” had turned Page to”a topic of regular strikes by the President of the USA, in addition to his allies and supporters.

Trump, the lawsuit notes,” has known Ms. Page as”incompetent,” corrupt,” pathetic,” dumb,” a”dirty cop,” a”loser,” a”clown,” bad people,” ill individuals,” a”buff,” a”good lover,” a”wonderful buff,” a”dumb buff,” and”lovely.” He’s predicted the text messages a”tragedy” and an”embarrassment” He’s accused Ms. Page of treason and other crimes”

The Department of Justice didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.