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Trump hails rival Joe Biden’s’Unbelievable comeback’ after Super Tuesday polls

Last updated on March 5, 2020

President Donald Trump on Wednesday hailed Democrat Joe Biden’s”incredible comeback” from the primaries race and also signaled how he’ll assault the new frontrunner, stating he had been besieged by way leftists.

“It was a fantastic comeback for Joe Biden, an amazing comeback when you consider it,” Trump told reporters in the White House the morning following the Democrats’ Super Tuesday polls.

Biden is running as a medium, compared to his leftist rival Bernie Sanders, however, Trump insisted that a few of the former vice president”handlers are farther left than Bernie. That is pretty frightening.” In his first public remarks on the striking events of Super Tuesday — besides the usual set of jagged tweets — Trump also stated that Sanders could readily have won if liberal Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren had fallen out sooner, thereby not breaking his vote.

Trump noted that conclusions by 2 centrists — Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar — to drop out and endorse Biden had the formerly fighting vice president’s effort.

Had Warren done something like aid Sanders, then the self-described democratic socialist, who’s calling for a political revolution, “could have won lots of states” “She was a spoiler, as others got out and these votes went to Joe.

“Had she completed, it’d have been a different scenario, I believe. It might have been a different night” Trump had a generally bitter evaluation of billionaire Mike Bloomberg’s apartment performance, despite having spent a listing countless millions of dollars on developing a campaign.

Bloomberg stop the race on Wednesday, throwing his service and probably bottomless funds behind Biden.

Trump disregarded the value of this, stating”he is likely to attempt to save face by putting a little cash into Biden’s effort. I don’t think that is likely to affect.” “He is doing this because he is spiteful, he is a spiteful man, I know him well,” Trump said.