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Trump makes surprise Thanksgiving Trip to troops in Afghanistan

President Donald Trump made a surprise trip to Afghanistan on Thursday to See American troops for Thanksgiving.

The excursion, his first to the country, comes nearly a year after the president left a surprise visit to troops stationed in Iraq, his initial to a battle zone because he took office.

Approximately 13,000 U.S. employees continue to be stationed in Afghanistan to train, counsel and help local forces below a NATO assignment, and also to run counterterrorism operations.

Trump reported that summer he planned to decrease that amount, and last month on the very best U.S. general in Afghanistan said the entire amount of troops from the nation had diminished by approximately 2,000.

Department of Defense spending in Afghanistan has so far cost the U.S. taxpayer $765 billion, along with the Afghan government nevertheless just controls 53 percent of the nation’s land amid the continuing conflict, based on a report with a U.S. government watchdog.

There were nine rounds of peace negotiations between the U.S. and the Taliban, but in September the president declared he was calling off these following a U.S. support member had been killed in a suicide attack in the capital Kabul.

The U.S.’s best general stated Wednesday that he was hopeful the discussions would resume.

The trip comes at a tumultuous time at the Trump presidency, after public testimony from senior diplomats from the House impeachment question. They represented the president’s efforts to pressure Ukraine to research former Vice President Joe Biden, a possible Democratic rival at the 2020 presidential race, an allegation Trump denies.