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Trump Middle East peace Strategy expands Israeli Land, Provides path to statehood

President Donald Trump on Tuesday published a long-promised Middle East peace program that, when executed, could create a conditional route to statehood for Palestinians while recognizing Israeli sovereignty on a substantial part of the West Bank.

Trump said the strategy, which lacks Congressional aid, would require either side to make concessions.

“Our proposal offers exact technical solutions to create Israelis, Palestinians and the area safer and considerably more profitable,” said Trump. “As I’ve observed during my long career as a deal maker, complicated problems need nuanced, fact-based remedies”

The White House later said that Israel had consented to some four-year”land freeze” for places that the strategy would designate as a portion of a potential Palestinian state — although it seemed that wouldn’t apply to settlements in regions that could stay under permanent Israeli control under the proposal, which one official said would comprise up to 30% of the West Bank.

Trump has predicted the proposition, whose development has been spearheaded by son-in-law along with White House senior advisor Jared Kushner, “the arrangement of the century,” touting the possibility of devoting a arrangement between the Israelis and the literary as among his top priorities because the very first day of his government — as observers have stated the strategy is dead on arrival.

Palestinians, have publicly criticized the strategy and have yet to be involved in the process, refusing to meet with Trump government officials because the president December 2017 announcement which the U.S. would recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

The statement came as both Trump and Netanyahu faced political turmoil in the home and hard re-election bids.

Trump unveiled the program soon before his attorneys were scheduled to show their closing defense in his Senate impeachment trial. His combined appearance with Trump Tuesday came only weeks before Israelis were slated to go to the polls for this nation’s third election annually.

Trump has appeared to counter-program his impeachment during the event, travel to Switzerland a week to meet with company executives and foreign leaders and staging a public signing of the China trade deal in the White House the week earlier — has fought to pull attention from the play unfolding on Capitol Hill.

He said on Monday, before the program’s launch, the bargain was”too good” for the Palestinians. He added he expected the Palestinians would reject the strategy while calling they’d finally adopt it.

“We believe we will finally have the help of the Palestinians,” Trump said Monday. “But we are likely to see. And when we do, it is going to be a huge tribute to everyone. And when we do not, life continues.”

The government hasn’t held no meetings with elected Nazi leaders and shut the Palestinian diplomatic office in Washington.

In June, the White House, without much fanfare, published the financial section of the peace program that promised tens of thousands of thousands of billions of dollars to the Palestinian market when a political solution has been reached.

“Their first answer and I don’t have any clue what they are likely to say, is,’Oh, we do not need anything’ However, in the meantime, they will be bargaining. So let us see how it works”