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Trump Observes acquittal, denounces’Barbarous’ Competitions in post-impeachment Abuse blitz

In an address in the White House he called”not a language,” Trump celebrated his acquittal and stated, “we went through hell .”

He refused to concede any wrongdoing, again describing his July 25 telephone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy which started a succession of events resulting in his impeachment as”perfect” and”a very good call.”

“I understand poor phone calls,” Trump said, and this dialogue wasn’t one.

“Appropriate telephone,” Trump said, adding, “And they brought me into the last phases of impeachment.”

But, on the flip side, he said he”never believed a phrase would seem so great “

“It is called complete acquittal,'” he explained.

Trump waved on the front page of The Washington Post because he did before Thursday morning in the National Prayer Breakfast, which comprised a massive headline regarding his acquittal.

He spent time beating former FBI Director James Comey, of whom he said: “Had I never fired James Comey who had been a tragedy, incidentally, it is possible I would not even be standing here now.”

“We captured him in the act,” Trump said of Comey, who later referred to as a”sleazebag.”

“Dirty cops, poor men and women. If this occurred to President Obama, a lot of folks would have been in jail for quite a while already, many, many decades.”

The president also referenced his previous remarks in the cherry, where he excoriated impeachment along with his competitors while House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sat away. Trump said: “I’d Nancy Pelosi sitting four seats away and I am saying things that many people would not have stated but I meant every word of it”

“They are vicious and mean,” Trump said of his competitors. “Vicious. Nancy Pelosi is a dreadful man.”

Trump’s opinions frequently went in eccentric directions and were similar to speeches in his raucous rallies. Trump did not just speak impeachment, but that he’d throw in famous Hollywood movies, Rep. Jim Jordan’s work out regimen, former New York Yankees second baseman Bobby Richardson and with personally interviewed applicants for U.S. Senate. Of Rep. Debbie Lesko, R-Ariz.,” Trump said he liked her last name and that is why he”chose” her since the candidate to back into a GOP primary.

One by one the president moved around the area and commended Republicans since he talked for about one hour.

It was a far cry from former President Bill Clinton’s post-acquittal opinions in 1999, where he stated he was”profoundly sorry” for his behavior.