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Trump unveils Space Force flag,” States US Construction’super-duper missile’

President Donald Trump issued the flag for his Space Force in the White House on Friday, even though the American army might like the growth of what he called”the super-duper missile.”

Trump said that the U.S. has been”building right now unbelievable military gear,” such as a missile that could travel faster than any other on earth” with a factor of nearly three.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin has promised his country has developed and fielded a hypersonic atomic missile before the U.S. The Pentagon was working on the tech.

Afterward, Friday, Jonathan Rath Hoffman, a Pentagon spokesman, tweeted that”the Department of Defense is currently working on creating a range of hypersonic missiles to cancel our adversaries.”

Last December, Trump signed into law a measure to make the Space Force, stating the U.S. had to enlarge its military presence in distance. The Air Force formerly oversaw defensive and offensive operations in distance.

Trump’s excitement for Space Force has attracted sporadic criticism and provided fodder for comedians.

The Pentagon’s budget allocated funds to the drive, such as”space-related weapons operations and systems “